Tekstvak: Exothermic welding is a well established process whereby aluminothermic materials, usually in the form of a powdered or agglomerated mixture of metal oxide and aluminium, are reacted to create superheated liquid metal which is directed to melt and thermally weld metallic members. Usually the crucible and casting moulds are manufactured from high temperature refactory materials, such as graphite. In the field, one speaks of weld metals (aluminothermic powders), graphite moulds (machined to suit welding design), clamps and accessories (safety and other gear).
With such equipment, welding is carried out within seconds or minutes requiring no specialised training on the part of the welder. Usually welds are made using standard tubes filled with copper type based powders, from sizes 15g to 500g; graphite moulds being typically up to 2 kg in weight.

A-WORKS specialises in the engineering and manufacture of a wide range of copper based powders. No two powders are formulated the same. Welds are made from standard tubes but also with large industrial weldings up to 70 kgs in weight; for joining of massive industrial electrical conductors.
In addition, we also manufacture aluminium based powders used for welding both small and very large electrical conductors.

What makes our materials different from other manufacturers ?
Very simple. Through the combination of selected and specified raw materials backed up by thoroughly tested weld metal formulations.
Our copper oxides are processed using the A-WORKS specifications. We do not use dangerous materials in our copper formulations. This leads to an even homogeneous powder mixture and of course a very superior weld. We guarantee 100% thermal fusion welding of your electrical conductors for each and every weld. Our exothermic weld metals are state of the art designed materials, manufactured at an affordable price for quality conscious users.

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