A-WORKS BV is actively involved on a national as well as international level in R&D and Engineering projects.

Many clients do make use of our services and expertise offered in test weldings, new product design, design prototype moulds and the exothermic welding of new and novel materials.


The factors driving customers to outsource R&D ranks amongst the following:

1 marketing a product with a competitive edge

2 improvement on existing connection solutions (e.g. replacement of malfunctioning mechanical connectors, poor exothermic welds from other manufacturers, general improvement on welding design based on application, new (electrical) materials)

3 cost driven solutions (low quality exothermics are proven not to work; repair/replacement costs are very expensive for all involved)

4 power quality as driven by specification buyers (A-WORKS does not comprimise on quality)


A-WORKS focuses on the following:

exothermic powders; chemistry, alloying, design and performance

liquid metal behaviour & metallurgical composition

(graphite) mould design (Total Welding System)

weldability and selection of conductors

materials evaluation (electrical/mechanical/electrochemical)


In short, our customer driven R&D is based on

1 Product Quality (continuous improvement)

2 Proven in-service connection reliability (durability)

3 Innovation

4 Cost effectivity

Interested in working with us to develop new products and/or

new electrical connections? Of course, with the aim towards implementation and commercialisation.

Contact us today.

Projects 2010/2011/2012:


*Earthing materials with improved mechanical (loading) properties


*Joint European project with corrosion resistant HV connections


*Feasibility research joining Al-Fe (aluminium to Steel) with exothermic powders

Cast billet consistency GE earthing.

Engineered quality? Or pure luck in materials selection?

Mechanical properties exo metal

Tekstvak: A-WORKS BV 
Exothermic Solutions
Tekstvak: A-WORKS BV 
Exothermic Solutions


Exothermic Solutions

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