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Exothermic Weld Metal Products

Copper Standard Tubes

GE for general earthing above and below ground

GR for power and signal bonds rail

CP for joining conductors to (thin walled) steel pipe surfaces

CI for joining conductors to cast iron surfaces

CR for joints exposed to highly corrosive environments

SS for joining stainless steels (SS)


Copper Industrial Weld Metals

GI for industrial & power connections large (> 500g shots)

GP for High Voltage splicing copper cables (240-2500mm2)


Aluminium Weld Metals

AW for industrial connections large (> 500g)

AW1 for High Voltage splicing aluminium cables (240-2500mm2)


Bulk Weld Metals

AW Bulk Aluminium packaged in large UN/S steel drums for export

GE Bulk Coppers packaged in large UN/S steel drums for export

Bulk type and quantity packaged to customer requirements.



Mould Sealer Type self drying

ExoSpec Exothermic welding safety glasses

Tool Set Tool set with safety gloves/flint gun/brushes

Flint ignitor Flint guns good for > 250 welds

Mould Jacket Mould Jackets to fit standard and custom moulds

IGN-CLIP Ignitor Clips for industrial moulds



A-WORKS designs and tests welding sets for new and novel applications in R&D,Engineering & Projects. Our approach is based on designing to weld. Solutions are communicated with our customers in the form of prototypes or welded samples. This leads to new products. Co-patenting or partnership solutions are a reality.

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