Our products are used in international markets.

Currently amongst them are the following:


Earthing Solutions

Power generation; Above ground; Grounding grid connections;

Utility and substation;Telecommunications earthing; Transmission

line, Distribution line and Transformer; Wind Energy


Sustainable Energy

Grounding solutions wind turbines; Lightning protection wind turbine blades;Power connections Wind Turbines


Commercial & Industrial

Commercial buildings; Industrial plants; hospitals



Airports, military & maritime


Rail Connections

Power bonds to Rail; Signal Bonds to Rail; Earthing; HV Joints


Industrial & Chemical

Energy: Process plant; Aluminium Processing; Cable manufacturers; Chemical plant


HV 6 segment compact core copper cable

Diameter 64mm; 2500mm2

Usually welded with GP HV weld metals

(See Image above with HV exothermic weld)


Tekstvak: A-WORKS BV 
Exothermic Solutions


Exothermic Solutions

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